Technical Engineering Shop

Pumps and Parts is an online store selling pumps and spare parts from various industrial brands. The field itself is highly technical and multidisciplinary, with applications in food production, agriculture, mining, pharmaceuticals and much more.

Website Details

The owner had an existing Shopify website. In addition to Shopify’s fees, the owner felt that the look and feel of the site was not representative of its brand. Each plugin (or App, as is known on Shopify), cost money to use. Although the back end of Shopify was intuitive for the owner, it was agreed that a WordPress site was the way to forward.

I crafted this clean, responsive WordPress site with an industrial engineering feel for the owner. Additionally, the owner had no logo or Favicon, so we worked together to create one that was a suitable fit for them. Tools used include:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Stripe
  • Custom Favicon
  • Contact Form


WordPress keeps coming back as an amazing, customisable solution for many small business owners. Hell, even large businesses continue to use it for its ability to customise and create functional sites that look great.

For your reference, please see the Shopify site that was the before:

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