I wrote the book Test Your Site for Free for business owners, designers and anyone who has a site and wishes to test it for free. 

It is a five-part book, comprising of the following:

  1. The Framework for Testing
  2. Functionality Tools
  3. Security (SSL) Tools
  4. Speed Tools
  5. Responsiveness & SEO Tools

The book starts off with information on how to run tests on any website. It also contains the Digital, Visual & Functionality Checklist. This is a checklist I developed for any human to be able to test a site, with the aim of helping to determine whether the owner of a site should get a new one. 

Particularly relevant for smaller businesses with smaller upfront budgets, I kept the language of the book as simple to understand as possible. 

I was inspired to write this book after speaking to a number of local small business owners, who all told me that they receive many web design offers everyday via telephone and email, but were unsure whether they really needed a new site or not.

At the time of publishing, all of the tools within the book were free, further keeping costs down but still providing valuable insights. 

The free tools within the book are from companies that include Google, Pingdom, Symantec and many more. 

The eBook is available now at several stores via Books2Read.

UX Design for Test Your Site for Free Site

After publishing the Test Your Site for Free eBook, I decided to build a landing page for it. 

Tools Used:

  • Paper prototype wireframe
  • WordPress
  • Elementor
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Affiliate marketing platforms
  • Royalty free stock image sites


After several ideation sessions and iterations, I drew with the below low fidelity wireframe prototype:

Low fidelity prototype for Test Your Site for Free

Test Your Site for Free

Using my developer license, I installed WordPress with a premium theme and completed the website. Most elements are true to the paper prototype:


With the fantastic modern tools available, I built a custom landing page for the Test Your Site for Free eBook. As I was the site owner, it was built as per my specifications. As the site is new, conversion rates will be measured via Google analytics.

I would like to acknowledge the theme developers at Athemes and the plugin developers for Elementor, both of whom contributed greatly to the responsive design of the site.

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