Ecological Shop

Only Eco is an Australian online ecological store with a focus on eliminating plastic disposables. The store sells collapsible silicone cups, reusable metal straws, portable metal cutlery, reusable shopping bags and much more. The purpose of this ecological store is to help everyone reduce their carbon footprint.

Website Details

The site was created using Wix. Wix is fantastic due to its strong global server capability. Wix is also great due to its user interface, which links directly to royalty free stock images. It also has the Google Analytics API.

I created this site with a clean, crisp layout that is responsive. It looks great on all devices. It also has a member’s area and full eCommerce capabilities, including Paypal Checkout. The logo was designed using Canva and it suits the brand perfectly.

  • Wix
  • Google Analytics
  • Royalty free stock image sites
  • Canva
  • HARO


With the fantastic modern tools available, I built a custom eCommerce website for the store. As the site is new, conversion rates will be measured via Google Analytics.

I would like to acknowledge Wix, Canva and Google Analytics which contributed greatly to the design of the site.

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